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Hiring the right candidates: With Tawheed Kader


Today, something that should be simple and easy, hiring and on-boarding new employees, for many companies has become a convoluted process. Turnover is high and expected. The on-boarding process takes longer than necessary, and the success rate has dropped significantly across the board.


One company that’s ahead of the curve in bringing on the right people is Toutapp. Toutapp is all-in-one Sales Success Platform, allowing sales teams to prospect better and more efficiently. They also provides analytics on outbound metrics, ultimately resulting in more closed deals. Toutapp is backed by investors such as Venture 51, Dave Mcclure, and Esther Dyson.


Especially when high growth is a factor, making the right hire the first time is mission critical. In this series, we’re speaking with thought leaders as well as our clients on what their best practices are on making sure the right candidates get hired. Today we are speaking with Tawheed Kader, Founder and CEO of Toutapp. Toutapp was recently acquired by Marketo earlier this year.


B: What is your biggest pet peeve during an interview process?

TK: I hate it when people come up to interviews without doing the research. In the day and age of Google, LinkedIn and Corporate websites that lays out entire stories behind a company, it’s just not cool to show up to an interview without spending 30 minutes doing some basic research


B: What are the 2 most important qualities you like to see in a candidate?

TK: We like to filter for people that had responsibilites at a very early age (paper route, lemonade stand, babysitting gigs) and people that have shown willingness to constantly grow and learn through their career thus far.


B: What are the 3 qualities most important to you that make an exceptional employee at Toutapp?

TK: Resilience, Grit and Creativity. It’s a tough job, and it’ll take some time to become a full account executive. You’ll learn a ton, and grow as a person if you really work at it, and it’ll arm you to be a strong sales person in the long run, but it does require you taking a long view.


B: How important is company culture to you at Toutapp?

TK Shared values and a common mission is what makes for a strong company. Values and mission define a corporate culture so it is very important to me. So therefore, it is just as important!


In conclusion: How important is hiring the right candidates at Toutapp? Very important.

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