Introducing, the Offr Podcast! A career navigation podcast to help you get from point A to point B in your career

People from the following companies shared their experiences on our podcast!

Leveling Up your Career with Bill Barry


  • On Season 2 Episode 5 of the Offr Podcast, Bill Barry hops on to discuss how he went from waiting tables to CEO: Learn how Bill looks at running strategy at 8 figure companies!

How to achieve work/life balance w/ Perri Chase

  • Probably my favorite episode to date: Guest star Perri Chase (Keynote Speaker, Business Coach and Mentor) joins us to talk about her personal journey of motivation, conviction, weekend trips to Bali, and her journey on how to figure out what you’re passionate in! We touch MANY subjects in the episode so listen in!!

Moving Past the "Glass Ceiling" - Using Career Navigation

  • This week I take a workshop call to help a candidate navigate his way into a new and better sales position at a cybersecurity company The advice is valuable because it can help us pay attention to how we are positioning ourselves in front of the hiring manager during an interview! Let’s listen in!

Brandon Omoregie and Bob Perkins on hiring sales people and stopping turnover

  • Last season, we interviewed Bob Perkins, the founder of the AA – ISP. For this episode, the roles are reversed! Bob Perkins interviews our founder and CEO Brandon Omoregie on how the landscape of recruiting for sales people has changed.

Offr Podcast and VaynerMedia: Diversifying skillsets with Mark Evans

  • On today’s episode we sit down with VaynerMedia and Mark Evans, SVP of Sasha Group. Mark helps us learn how diversification can help develop skill sets that can impact companies in a large way. 🙂

Channeling Grit and Motivation with Scott Leese

  • Really excited for you guys to hear this episode… Scott Leese is a mentor of mine and what I believe to be a great example of someone who took personal adversity, channeled that adversity into grit and motivation, and used it to succeed in his career. Listen in as he explains how!

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