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Introducing: The OFFR Podcast by JuicyBlue! A career navigation podcast to help you get from point A to point B in your career

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How to achieve work/life balance w/ Perri Chase

Probably my favorite episode to date: Guest star Perri Chase (Keynote Speaker, Business Coach and Mentor) joins us to talk about her personal journey of motivation, conviction, weekend trips to Bali, and her journey on how to figure out what you’re passionate in! We touch MANY subjects in the episode so listen in!!

All you need is a foot in the door – Career Navigation Story with Kate DeWald

On this episode – Kate DeWald, CEO of ONCUE, joins us to discuss how she went from a SDR of a SaaS company to the CEO of a Technology company solving a big problem in the B2C space. Listen in!

Learning from Mentors: 6 Steps on how to navigate your career from scratch

We took the 6 most meaningful and impactful clips from 6 mentors from last season and mashed them into a meaningful resourceful episode on how to get started and what is the right way to look at your career. We’re excited to hear your thoughts on this after listening.

Season 2 Premiere: Brandon Omoregie and Bob Perkins on hiring sales people and stopping turnover

SEASON 2 PREMIERE! Last season, we interviewed Bob Perkins, the founder of the AA – ISP. For this episode, the roles are reversed! Bob Perkins interviews our founder and CEO Brandon Omoregie on how the landscape of recruiting for sales people has changed, and what hiring managers can do to get more candidates improve attrition rates.