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Introducing: The OFFR Podcast by JuicyBlue! A career navigation podcast to help you get from point A to point B in your career

People from these companies shared
their experience in our podcast


Offr Podcast and VaynerMedia: Diversifying skillsets with Mark Evans

On today’s episode we sit down with VaynerMedia and Mark Evans, SVP of Sasha Group. Mark helps us learn how diversification can help develop skill sets that can impact companies in a large way. 🙂

Chaneling Grit and Motivation with Scott Leese

Really excited for you guys to hear this episode… Scott Leese is a mentor of mine and what I believe to be a great example of someone who took personal adversity, channeled that adversity into grit and motivation, and used it to succeed in his career. Listen in as he explains how!

Career Navigation with Tracy Wilk

In this episode, Senior Executive Tracy Wilk explains how he took a specialized skill that took him from being an individual contributor, to a C – level executive at Google, to running a top-tier consultancy that teaches executives how to be better leaders.

TK Kader on Self Growth and Contribution

In this episode I caught up with TK Kader, serial entrepreneur, founder of Toutapp (acquired by Marketo, later Marketo gets acquired by Adobe). TK takes us on his personal path of self growth and contribution, and how we can use self growth to fuel career navigation. Excited to hear your feedback on this FIRE episode.